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Poultry projects are very successful because most Kenyan families keep chickens and consider them their "savings accounts".  If there is an
emergency or the family needs quick cash, they can sell the chicken. 

Even though people in Western Kenya love to eat "kuku", killing and
cooking a chicken is only done on special occasions or when a 
guest visits.

Poultry Project

In 2013, we began a poultry project by starting with poultry eggs
that we incubate to hatching.  Once the chicks are hatched, they
are placed in a brooder to keep the chicks warm until they are big
enough to survive and grow on their own in the poultry barn.

Mushroom Farming

Mushrooms are quickly developing as a lucrative cash crop in Kenya. With technical support from  Maseno Muliro University in Kakamega, we just completed the construction of   mushroom farming hut.

Community women are employed to plant, tend and harvest the crops.  It takes about 3 months for mushrooms to mature. Spore are planted on varying growing cycles, ensuring year around income.

Galaxy Youth group helps market the mushrooms to wholesalers, where the mushrooms are ground up and sold in the market as a nutritional supplement.

                              Why are Just One Person sustainable projects are so important?

International nonprofits that rely on Western donations simply don't endure.  Sustainable community projects ensure that knowledge, skills and choices are passed down for generations to come.
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