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Just One Person...Educating African Girls Beyond Academics
1619 Diamond Avenue Chico, CA 95928
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Just One Person is an 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization FID #26-1779674
@Copyright 2007-2019, Just One Person, All Rights Reserved.

Here’s What Just One Person accomplished in 2015

  • * 19 JOP girls graduated from colleges and universities earning degrees in such
            varied fields   as botany, physics, nursing, agriculture and teaching.

  • * 5 girls graduated from secondary school in 2015.  All 5 girls are currently  
             attending University.  Two of our girls scored so highly on the national exam
             that they are on the Kenyan Government fee sponsorship program.

  •  * Throughout Form 4, each girl was personally mentored by our 
             Assitant Director, Mariam Bakari.

  •  * 2 recent JOP graduates were admitted to Jomo Kenyatta University and are pursuing a      
             a degree in business management.

  •   *Sponsored life skills and entrepreneur training seminars.

  •   *Continued expanding our on site mushroom farm.  *Built a new poultry barn and             
             upgraded our equipment

  •    The Just One Person Pioneers created a network group on social media
              to act as a way for all the girls to stay connected, provide each other 
              support and to share information abut job and education opportunities.          

Looking to the future ​
Competition for good paying jobs in Kenya is fierce.  Just One Person is growing and adapting our mission to recognize that the jobs of the future will be in the technology sector.  With this in mind, our selection criteria for choosing 5 new juniors to join us in 2017 will focus on girls from needy families who perform well in science and math.  By doing so, these girls will become qualified to work in emerging fields such as biotech, sustainable energy, computer programming and micro engineering.

In 2016, we launched a capital campaign to raise funds to build a Just One Person Science and Technology Center.  Participation will not be limited to the participants of Just One Person.  Our goal is to partner with schools and other non profits in Western Kenya to extend our reach in support of all girls seeking the opportunity to work in STEM related fields.

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