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Just One Person...Educating African Girls Beyond Academics
1619 Diamond Avenue Chico, CA 95928
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Just One Person is an 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization FID #26-1779674
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JOP Empowerment Programs 

Education Beyond Academics
 Our workshops and seminars incorporate a structured four year curriculum tailored to adolescent developmental needs that help girls acquire, build on and integrate their knowledge into their lives after participation in Just One Person.
  •   Reproductive health
  •   Life skills such as goal setting, relationships, conflict resolution, decision making
  •   Computer training
  •   Money Management and budgeting
  •   Entrepreneurship

Empowerment  In Kenya, there is a "gap year" between graduation and post secondary opportunities. Girls are especially vulnerable at this time. Their continuing involvement in JOP programs ensures that they stay on course and gives them a chance to practice their newly acquired skills while giving back to their communities. In 2011, Just One Person graduates formed JOP Pioneers, a youth self-help group.  These girls are developing a project that make beads, plaits hair, and and sells homemade detergent.

Small business training programs for parents
Just One Person subsidizes 60% of secondary school fees, while parents are required to pay the 40% balance. Our business training programs teach parents the skills they need to start small enterprises, enabling them to generate cash to meet their responsibilities and support their daughter's education. Here are some of the small businesses our parents are currently operating:
  •  Silk worm farming
  •  Mushrooms
  •  Fruit juice processing
  •  Poultry raising 

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