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Just One Person...Educating African Girls Beyond Academics
1619 Diamond Avenue Chico, CA 95928
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Just One Person is an 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization FID #26-1779674
@Copyright 2007-2019, Just One Person, All Rights Reserved.

Just One Person is a model sustainable program that prepares girls in rural Kenya for post secondary opportunities, helping​ them develop economic independence that will guide them  on the path out of poverty.
  • Provide partial financial support for high school tuition

  • Sponsor leadership and life skills workshops and seminars

  • Support Just One Person Pioneers, an alumni group for Just One Person high school graduates

  • Partner with Kenya Community Development Foundation to provide scholarships for college and university

  • Operate small income generating business that provide financial support for Just One Person programs

  • Just One Person is a registered NGO Kenya, with an all voluntary staff and Board of Directors

Girls are members of Just One Person for life. ​ Each Just One Person graduate becomes a member of the Just One Person Pioneers and will touch many lives, including sisters, mothers, classmates and neighbors.  Educating girls unleashes a powerful force that will help reshape the future of girls and women in Kenya.

Opening doors to opportunity for girls through education
Since 2008
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